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BlogJuly-August-September, 2013
More news on the Zinsky front

In the interest of promoting Zinsky the Obscure, my debut novel (available on Amazon), I am devoting this space, for the next year or two, to Zinsky news.

First, a flattering review of Zinsky in Booklist. (Which does contain spoilers.) The best quote: "This wry debut novel takes on the classic coming-of-age saga, and it makes the reader rethink common assumptions about how young people get from here to there."

Publishers Weekly's review was wonderful, too. (But again: spoilers.) The key excerpt: "This eloquent novel from both bleak and affecting."

Then there's the marvelous writeup Zinsky received from Kirkus Reviews: "A powerful debut, with Dickensian touches in its heartbreaking and occasionally humorous chronicle of the life of a modern young man." (Alas, spoilers in this one too.)

A great review with no spoilers is now on DigBoston: "Brutally funny...forged from the same literary hearth that has given us such delightful and fussy oddballs as Ignatius J. Reilly, Don Quixote, and Kilgore Trout....this book has the scope of something like Irving's The World According to Garp. It also has that book's heart."

DigBoston also published a Q&A with me. In the interview, we discussed Zinsky, to be sure, but we also talked about George R. R. Martin, The Great Gatsby, The Who, The Notorious B.I.G., and hula hoops.

The Boston Globe featured Zinsky in its Sunday "Word on the Street" column.

ForeWord Firsts named Zinsky a finalist in its debut fiction contest.

Two excerpts from Zinsky are live. One is on Boston's NPR Station and Stymie. It contains a sex scene. The other is on The Good Men Project. It contains a sports scene.

Speaking of Boston's NPR Station: The afternoon drive-time program Radio Boston named Zinsky one of its "Good Reads For The Summer."

Thank you to the following five blogs for their flattering reviews of Zinsky: Tiffany's Bookshelf, Must Read Faster, The Relentless Reader, The Feminist Texican, and Conceptual Reception.

My article on Tim Tebow's coming to the New England Patriots recently appeared on Cognoscenti, the online magazine of Boston's NPR's station.

Video of my readings at the Harvard Book Store and Porter Square Books is now on YouTube.

On Lori Hettler's The Next Best Book blog, you'll find my essay, "There's A One Letter Difference Between Waiter and Writer."

The Jewish Book Council (JBC) recognized Christina Regon's brilliant work on the Zinsky the Obscure cover, honoring us as the "Book Cover of the Week."

The JBC has also featured me as a guest blogger. Here are my posts on Zinsky's autobiographical elements, the power of Delmore Schwartz and Nathanael West, and my lessons learned in summer camp on the importance of singing. These posts also appeared in the Jewish Daily Forward.

A hearty thanks to poet Doug Holder for his fantastic profile of me and Zinsky in The Somerville News.

The Boston Book Blog featured me and Zinsky in a recent profile.

And recently featured me and Zinsky in its "Four Questions" column.

Ilan Mochari is the author of the novel Zinsky the Obscure (Fomite Press). His short stories have appeared in Keyhole, Stymie, Ruthie's Club and Oysters & Chocolate.
Another story received an honorable mention in a Glimmer Train competition. He is a contributor to Cognoscenti, the online magazine for Boston's NPR station. He has a B.A. in English from Yale University.

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