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BlogApril-May-June, 2014
A last bit of news on the Zinsky front

In the interest of promoting Zinsky the Obscure, my Pushcart-nominated debut novel (buy it here), I'm devoting this space to Zinsky news. For just a few more weeks. In July I'll start writing kick-ass literary essays again.

There are flattering reviews of Zinsky in Booklist, Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. Comparisons to Dickens and Fitzgerald, I kid you not.

Another great review is on DigBoston. Comparisons to Garp and Don Quixote and A Confederacy of Dunces. Better still, DigBoston also published a Q&A with me.

The Boston Globe featured Zinsky in its Sunday "Word on the Street" column.

Boston's NPR Station named Zinsky one of its "Good Reads For The Summer." (The summer of 2013.)

Midway Journal published my short story "Being Blind."

For more: Bounce over to the Zinsky site. 

Ilan Mochari is the author of the Pushcart-nominated debut novel Zinsky the Obscure (Fomite Press, 2013). The novel earned rave reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Kirkus. It was also featured in the Boston Globe and on Boston's NPR station. His short stories have appeared in Keyhole, Stymie, and Midway Journal.
Another story received an honorable mention in a Glimmer Train competition. He has a B.A. in English from Yale University.

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